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Our Mission is to provide compassionate, Christ-centered, whole-person health care in partnership with our patients. (Adopted 1994))

We are a group of four family practice physicians, a physician assistant, two nurse practitioners and three licensed psychotherapists (counselors)providing medical and counseling services with the assistance of a friendly, professional nursing and clerical staff.

We have a state of the art Electronic Medical Records system which allows improved documentation and disease management. We also offer an alternative efficient means of communication through our "Secure Messaging Service".Log in banner

A relationship between a patient and their doctor is a partnership. A partnership is based on mutual trust and confidence where we each have responsibilities. We are committed, as your primary care providers, to give you the best, most thorough health care possible.  To do this we ask for your cooperation with the following:

Communication  Provide, to the extent possible, the information that all of your health care providers need in order to care for you. You should communicate openly by developing a doctor-patient relationship based on trust and cooperation. We can do a better job of treating you if you answer our questions honestly and provide us complete information about your symptoms and/or medical concerns. 

Clarification  Ask questions about what you need to know and understand about your illness. If you don’t understand what we’re explaining to you about your diagnosis, treatment, instructions for medication, or restrictions needed for your care – please tell us.

Satisfaction  Tell us or one of our staff if you become disappointed with your treatment plan, a specialist that we've recommended for additional care, the services we provide, or our office protocols do not meet your needs adequately. Please let us now that you are dissatisfied so that we may do something about it.

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Partnership in Your Health Care  Maintain your health and prevent illness. Follow the treatment plans and instructions for care that you have agreed on with your doctor.  Keep scheduled follow-up care appointments requested by your doctor. Follow through with referrals to see a specialist when good medical care requires one.

In return for your openness and confidence in us to direct your health care needs, we promise to take your questions and concerns seriously. We believe the result to be better health care and a stronger doctor-patient partnership.